Where Does the Couch Go?

Modern-Day Tips for Arranging Your Furniture

Today’s couches are so much more than the three-seater pieces of days past. Sectionals are useful and stylish, and their shape provides a built-in conversation area. Chaises — perfect for lounging — eliminate the need for an ottoman or footstool. Sometimes, though, it can feel challenging to find the best layout for your room. This guide provides solutions for arranging uniquely-shaped sofas comfortably in any space.


11 tips for winter beauty therapy

Winter brings with it many things, including snowy days, chilly nights and the propensity for irritating beauty issues. Cold dry air outside and warm dry air inside can result in moisture loss from both the hair and skin. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it can be unsightly as well. There are also other beauty issues that come up, like which products to use this time of year.